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Ubu create masterplan for Perins Secondary School

The masterplan recently completed by Ubu for Perins Secondary School in Alresford is currently on display at the school. Directly commissioned by the school, the proposals follow detailed consultation with staff and students and include improved circulatory routes and five high-quality zones for year-round use.

Providing areas suitable for use during lessons and at break times, the masterplan encourages better social and recreational interaction. A diverse mix of planting helps to promote biodiversity and support curriculum based learning.

The proposals range from reinvigorating the bleak Pascal area into a vibrant social space with clusters of lozenge-shaped seats and coloured canopies to the Hub, an area that funnels visitors to reception with formal planting. New orchard trees also feature together with a covered hangout space, mounded hills, a wildflower meadow and vibrant furniture.


Drawings of landscape proposals for Perins Secondary School

Visuals of a proposed landscape for Perins Secondary School

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